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Do you have anything on Qutens from FA, DA and Tumblr?
fuzzyscumbags fuzzyscumbags Said:

Never heard of them. What’s the scoop?

Samm and Ethan are selling a premade suit. The last time they did this, someone ended up waiting months and months for them to ship it. PLEASE spread this warning around as much as possible to ward unsuspecting bidders from their scamming. Here is the link to the auction! 



@the previous post.

Have some drama, seeing as how the scam reports are at a whopping 0% submission rate.

Seeing as how Coofoo has this on her ‘abandoned’ account, I’ll place my bets that she created this account.

If this account was made to bash Hinauchi or HotCoffee, shit would be hitting the fan right now. 

To whoever made the account: grow the fuck up, and get over yourself. You’re no better than the person you’re bashing.

Ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggh no action on the land.

I suppose that’s a good thing, since that means people aren’t getting ripped off.