Not much information on this guy, who is using a new account on DA and Facebook but has been scamming people out of drawings as a trade for a “free fursuit”.

The DA account he gave - sonicanthroeveryday

From the original post on FB:

"This guy claimed he he was making…


just some left over goods from the babyfur account. like i promised lol

They were mailing every fursuit maker ever for a quote.

Customers are still looking for them.

Look at the dates between the quote notes VS that one below

Content of that note below complaining about money problems....aaand then quoting every maker in the villege? Niiiice

Samm was trying to get a quote for digilegs that would have been made in time for califur, aka she probably had the money.

There were literally four notes that confirmed any kind of refund taking place. Though’d you’d be interested lulz

lol Ethan didn’t clean the outbox~

Wow. That second note is so gross, and the last one is so CRINGE-Y. Noting people about “heads” and fursuit parts, when they owe refunds, art, ect… unbelievable…


Now before you get on me about it, Kennadee said she “referenced images because she was very time constrained.” I get it. College is very limited with time. But there’s a large difference between “referencing” and “tracing.”

The image in question is this one:


In which she “referenced” this witchy gal

Looks like Roxy finally got her commission. Too bad she had to wait over 2 confirmed months for it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've just been waiting on a commission from them for a bit, around 3 weeks. and I get worried, especially since they don't update much
fuzzyscumbags fuzzyscumbags Said:

I’d try and see if you can get a hold of anyone else that has commissioned this person and see if they’re waiting or not, and what their experience with the person is. That’ll give you a better idea of how things typically go with this person.